Turnkey Vacation Rentals

all the benefits without the work

Turnkey Vacation Rentals

Travelers are looking for a boutique hotel experience including reliably stellar customer service, cleanliness, and quality.  Share The Hedge is in the business of providing outstanding experiences for vacation rental homeowners and their guests. We do the work. You collect the revenue.

You provide a vacation home:

Choose from lists of homes professionally vetted: rent-ability analysis, cost to improve, home hospitality maintenance costs, and selling price.

Work with our knowledgeable realtors to get the purchase complete, at the best price, without all the hassle. We’ll be working in the background to prep for after your home purchase closes.

We prepare the home for vacation rentals:

Hire and manage contractors for paint, flooring, cabinets, countertops, landscaping, and pool care etc. as required, communicating costs and progress with you.

Purchase every stick of furniture and every item needed to furnish the home ready to rent. You have to do nothing.

On moving day, we deliver all the items reserved for your property and our staging crew is on hand to build furniture, decorate, and fill the cabinets. Our cleaning crew gives your home its final cleaning and prep; you are GUEST READY!

The vacation rental home is professionally presented:

Your rental advisor will hire professional photographs taken of your home and use them to feature your property on our site. We work with a top-quality web development/marketing team to design and search engine optimize to get our site noticed. Your home is added to the rental platforms and social media. Each is closely followed, with our editing as needed until we see we are grabbing attention from viewers!

As your rental advisor, we want you to know we value your investment enough to bring you quality guests. Our service includes guest screenings, and you can opt to have the final say on all reservations.

Your guests are well cared for.

Our team communicates with guests from the moment they inquire, managing reservations, taking care of all pre-stay guest communications & hospitality, in-stay guest communications, and post-stay follow-ups.

Your home is equipped with a guest services information book with emergency numbers, check out procedures, things to do, plus the HOW TO for the home. (how to get TV on?).

When the time comes for final goodbyes to “our friends” who are checking out (Guests really do feel like friends by then). we give check-out instructions, encourage them to leave reviews, and suggest booking with us for next year at a discount.


Partnering with Share the Hedge means turnkey vacation rentals and success for your property, without all the hassle and work. What are you waiting for?